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Glendon Business Center is a 34 acre light industrial-office development located one-half mile from the Easton, Pennsylvania exit of I-78 and two miles east of the I-78 and Route 33 interchange which allows direct access to I-80. This project is the first industrial park along I-78 in Pennsylvania from the New Jersey border. The project is contiguous to and has visibility from I-78.

The development concept for Glendon Business Center contemplates constructing approximately 400,000 square feet of buildings for build-to-suit for sale or lease, as follows:

Lot 10: approved for 60,000 square foot building on 5.1364 acres. During 2000, the initial 38,400 square feet was constructed on speculation and since December 2000 is leased to Supervalu Inc., a New York Stock Exchange company, for use as a general merchandise warehouse/distribution facility. The building was constructed to be expanded to 60,000 square feet.

Lots 13 & 14: conditional final site development plan approved for the construction of a 36,000 square foot building on 2.99 acres.

Lots 15-18: conditional final site development plan approved for the construction of a 45,900 square foot building on 4.45 acres.

Lots 1-9: consists of approximately 14.68 acres (includes unopened Liberty Street West) and the potential for a 255,000 square foot building.

Lot 2: one acre site with a 6,500 square foot existing office building in need of a new roof, HVAC system, new plumbing, paint and cosmetic touches.

Glendon Business Center has available a real estate tax abatement program (“LERTA”) offered by the Wilson Area School District, the Borough of Glendon and the County of Northampton. This LERTA program encourages new building construction by significantly reducing the real estate taxes on new construction.

The installed infrastructure includes public water (supplied by Easton Suburban Water Authority); public sanitary sewer collection line and two pumping stations (Glendon Business Center has an allocation of 47,000 gallons of sewer treatment capacity per day in the regional sewer treatment plant); gas provided by UGI installed along Hilton Street West; electricity supplied by Met-Ed, a First Energy Company; fiber optic telecommunications provided by Verizon; storm sewers and curbing along Hilton Street West and a detention pond for the project on Lot 12; and Hilton Street West.

Glendon Business Center consists of 18 lots. Lots 11 and 12 were sold to the adjoining property owner. Lot 12 is a detention basin for the entire development and is to be maintained by the owner of Lot 12.

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